The CBD Watch

What we do

The CBD Watch aims to deliver reliable information about the CBD market and its products to the whole community – consumers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, consultants, regulators, and suppliers – allowing them to take their own decisions regarding topics as marketing, business, compliance, scientific evidence and consumers rights. We believe that what we do can create promote a culture of transparency and trust in the CBD industry.

Where the do we get data and information?

We collect data and information from a multitude of sources, and we strive to focus on open, free, and publicly available ones as much as possible, to allow anyone to verify our work. In some situations, we may need to use information from closed or private sources. In all cases we will provide references and links to our sources.

What do we make with it?

From our research, we write website posts, which are always free, and compose reports and databases, for which access is paid for. Using this knowledge and information, we also perform on demand research to anyone who requires support regarding CBD market and products. Depending on the project, we may work together with third parties to deliver the best results.

Our values

Our core values are independence, factual accuracy, and transparency. With these principles in mind, we compromise:

Do not:

  • Sell CBD products;
  • Promote the use of CBD;
  • Endorse any brands or products;
  • Review individual CBD products;
  • Support any claims concerning effects of CBD usage.


  • Sell our reports and databases concerning the CBD market;
  • Provide consultancy to companies interested in the sector;
  • Carry on-demand market research;
  • Collaborate with other media outlets regarding CBD market.

If you are interested in any of our services, get in touch.